Case Studies

Leia casos de estudo sobre o uso dos produtos HELAMIN

Change in Plant Cycle Chemistry from Hydrazine/ Phosphate to Amine/ Polyamine Treatment in an Industrial Power Station

Por Thomas Vogt, Gerhard Besl e Manfred Stecklina, artigo publicado na revista Power Plant Chemistry 2007


Three Years of Experience with Polyamines in the High Pressure Steam System of a Napha Cracker

Por Roy van Lier, Gerard Janssen e Jo Savelkoul, artigo publicado na 2nd International Conference Interaction of Organic Plant Cycle Treatment Chemicals with Water, Steam and Materials 2005


Operational Experience with Organics in Industrial Steam Generation

Por Jo Savelkoul e Roy van Lier, artigo apresentado durante a International Conference - Interaction of Organics and Organic Cycle Treatment Chemicals with Water, Steam and Materials, 2005